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  • Delivered an Average Growth of 81% in Traffic and 111% in Leads to B2B Clients in 2021-22
  • Extensive Client Portfolio Consisting of Top B2B Businesses
  • One of Just 50 Google Premier Partners Out of 4000 Digital Agencies in India
  • Received the Digital Excellence Award in Insurance / Financial Services at the 3rd Edition of the Digital Enterprise Summit

Through B2B marketing, businesses can correctly market their products and services as well as expertise to the target buyers for –

  • Expanding to New Markets
  • Increasing Market Share
  • Lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
  • Increase the LTV (Lifetime Value)
  • Improving the Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate

Digital Marketing Services for B2B:

Who Can Benefit From Our B2B Digital Marketing Services

  • B2B SaaS

  • Wholesalers & Manufacturers

  • FinTech

  • B2B

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Client Speak
“By driving our search organic strategy, Techmagnate has been our key partner in delivering digital, performance-based marketing. Thanks to Techmagnate 70% + of our traffic is driven organically. “
Ramit Mehra | National Marketing Manager | Bajaj Finserv
“Techmagnate’s hardworking and dedicated SEO team has helped us increase website traffic. Their team gives their 100% and achieves higher number every month. They always come up with new suggestions and innovative ideas to improve the customer’s journey, which results in higher conversions.”
Mohit Mendiratta | Senior Manager – Digital Marketing | PNB Housing
“I am very happy with this Company. They really Hard worker + Honesty. they really improve our website in a Digital Channel.”
Dilip Singh Kharra | International Maritime Institute
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"Our 3 main mantras - Transformational Growth, Trusted Partnerships & Digital Excellence always!"

Sarvesh Bagla
Sarvesh Bagla
CEO, Techmagnate

Unlock transformational growth for your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Digital Marketing Important for B2B Organizations?

    Digital marketing is important for B2B businesses to –

    • Compete with the global B2B businesses leveraging digital technologies for marketing
    • Increase online presence through owned, earned, and paid channels
    • Complement the new customer journey, which is primarily digital
    • Optimize RoI by leveraging performance-related data points
  • How is B2B marketing different from B2C marketing?

    B2C Marketing and B2B Marketing are different in multiple ways:

    1. Target Audience: The target audience is where B2B and B2C marketing diverge. For B2B, the target audience is typically the key decision-makers of an organization. In contrast, you directly target the customer in B2C marketing.

    2. Content Type: For B2B marketing, the content type needs to be highly tactical that include case studies, white papers, and e-books. In the case of B2C content, blog posts, product descriptions, etc., are ideal. Typically, B2B content demands expertise and detail as the target buyers are experts in their industry/niche who require value-based content.

    3. SEO Keywords: In the case of B2B, the searchers are the key decision makers of a target business, i.e., these are high-intent keywords, and their volume can be quite low. In contrast, the search volume for B2C keywords is typically high as these directly correspond to the customer.

    4. Purchasing Decisions: B2B audiences are seeking efficiency and expertise. Accordingly, the B2B purchase process requires thorough deliberation. For B2C marketing, that may not be the case. Still, many customers make calculated purchases, but logic, efficiency, and RoI are what drive transactions in the B2B space.

  • Is Social Media Marketing Effective for B2B companies?

    Yes, it is. However, you need to choose the right platform that hosts your target audience. When it comes to B2B social media marketing, LinkedIn is an ideal platform that allows you to target your audience as per the job title, industry, and function. If done correctly, LinkedIn marketing can yield great results for brand awareness and lead generation.

  • How Much do B2B Digital Marketing Agencies Charge?

    Each B2B company is different and has unique objectives; thus, they need bespoke strategies. More importantly, B2B digital marketing is a big landscape involving SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Web Design, Demand Generation, LinkedIn Marketing, etc. The combination of services you choose will dictate the charges. However, pricing isn’t the best way to choose a B2B Digital marketing agency. The right practice involves considering your objectives and things like experience, expertise, team strength, transparency, trustworthiness, and results.

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